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May 2, 2013

HTC releases in Indonesia, But Definitely Not Price

Friday the scene of HTC introduces HTC entire crew to the media in Indonesia. But a little hint of disappointment, because Indonesia is currently launching HTC did not give a clear statement about the price of the HTC One in Indonesia.

Some other things that be a record for the media crew present when it was a foregone conclusion when HTC will be available in Indonesia. HTC Indonesia the opportunity to answer media questions explained that they were constrained import and administrative problems, so HTC One just called to Indonesia in the second quarter but it is not sure when.

In general, the HTC launching event took place in Sudirman Jakarta is somewhat festive. CIMB Niaga maker located in Kav 58, attended the launching HTC a few figures like Erik Meijer from Indosat, Benjamin HO (CMO HTC), Sirpa H. Ikola (Senior Marketing Director of HTC South East Asia), Budi Janto (Country Manager Indonesia) and several others.

HTC mentioned will go to Indonesia to work together with Indosat operator in the problem of providing data packets. That means, there will be HTC HTC bundling Indosat and non bundling.

As for distributors that will supply HTC Trikomsel to Indonesia is known as one of the major smartphone distributor in Indonesia with total retail network of 1100 outlets in 175 cities in Indonesia. 2 retailer who may have known is Okeshop and Global Teleshop.

With the official release of HTC One in Indonesia that took place yesterday, the actual gadget fans are just waiting for a few days to see HTC is available in some stores. But of course it should be a little anticipation in terms of price, because HTC predictions in Indonesia will have a price in the range of 7 million or more.

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