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Apr 21, 2013

How to Disable Airplane Mode feature in Windows 8

In Windows 8 operating system there is a new function that is not available in previous versions of Windows 7 in fact, this feature is called Air Plane Mode. This feature has the function to shut down the three types of wireless connections such as WiFi, Bluetooth and Mobile Broadband which allegedly has an adverse effect on the aircraft navigation system.

Air Plane mode is very useful because in this mode the user does not have to turn off nirkable three features mentioned above one by one because it's so Mode Air Plane off the third wireless function will also die simultaneously. So how do I turn on or turn off the Air Plane Mode? Here I review three ways you can do.


Click Wireless Signs on the taskbar bottom right of your computer, this step is to open the Network settings page on Charm Bar.

At the top of the menu Charm Bar - Networks can be found Airplan mode menu, please select ON to OFF to turn on and turn off.

Both ways

Open Charm Bar or Windows I click the button, then click Settings and click Brink-Router.

Then you can turn off and turn on Airplane mode.


Open the Control Panel and Network and Internet, and then click Connect to a network.

You will go to PC Settings page - Wireless, on this page you will find a setting Airplan mode and Wireless devices.

Thats 3 ways you can do to turn off or turn on Airplane Mode. This mode is actually very useful for executives who are always moving from one city to another. However, for some users this mode has no significant benefit that prefer to disable.

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