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Nov 26, 2012

Computer "Apple 1" sold at auction for half Million Euros! The Record

A rare example of functioning " Apple 1 ", the first computer designed and marketed in 1976 by ​​Apple Computer Jobs and Wozniak , was sold for about € 500,000 (almost $ 650,000) from the auction house German Breker . The amount paid out by the buyer, whose identity is still unknown, sets a new sales record for the first Apple computer, you can now count only 6 working in the world, one of which is bought for € 157,245 and revived from Italian Marco Baglione .
Manufactured in the garage of the parents of Steve Jobs, the Apple I is a simple logic board with a 1MHz processor and 8Kb of RAM, with the ability to be connected to an external television and be covered by a wooden case or other similar materials. 200 units were produced and sold to enthusiasts and hobbyists to the single price of $ 666.66.Recently Paul Terrell, owner of the Byte Shop, the first Apple retailer in history, has spread in the network some old photos of the first Apple 1 left the forge of the two Steve.
This is not the first time we encounter record figures for sales by auction of historical products of the house of Cupertino. The American Sotheby's less than a year ago managed to place theoriginal contract for the founding of Apple Computer Co. in well 1.59 million dollars . In the recent case of the Apple 1, the estimated initially ranged between 120 and 200 thousand euro. The computer was sold along with a keyboard "Datanetics ASCII", for a period Sanyo monitor, recorder 'Panasonic 2102 Recorder' and some documents included in the original package. Below is a video demonstration posted last month showing the exemplary work, with a lot of portraits of Wozniak and Jobs printed to the screen in the final.

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